Revolution Of The Heart

official music video | MTV rotation 2017


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”Filled with electric guitars, chest-beating vocals and swirling synths…” - ROLLING STONE

“…Anthemic rock… Tomorrow’s Hits… (ENATION is a) rock band on the rise.” - BILLBOARD

“Their sound recalls the 90s grunge of Pacific Northwest, and is shaped by the influences of U2, R.E.M., and Pearl Jam… A Shock To The System… awesome. Honestly, it’s nice not to have to fake it for a change. I’m gonna tell you right now, go get this record. Very cool stuff.” - LIGHTNING 100 / NASHVILLE FM

“A sound that blends the anthemic qualities of influences like U2 and R.E.M…” - USA TODAY

"Jackson’s emotive vocals soar… There are also some serious riffs… with stadium-sized ambition. Questing lyrics look for meaning… From start to finish, Anthems For The Apocalypse offers conclusive proof of Jackson’s talent as both a songwriter and performer." - UK SONGWRITING MAGAZINE