ENATION Review: 'refreshing, stirring, astonishing'

FDRMX gave a glowing review of ENATION'S album "Radio Cinematic".

"A refreshing, and stirring coalesce of lyrics, atmosphere, and adventure. Radio Cinematic is just that, an exciting journey into the world of concept albums. The band is truly a group of euphonic architects, sculpting a sonic landscape that paints an intrepid perspective of love, wonder, faith, and addiction. The album revolves around this image of a young world, where everything is brand new, a setting which has been dubbed the Young World’s Riot." {cont.}


ENATION debut song on

ENATION have debuted a new single, "Cinematic," from their new album Radio Cinematic, due tomorrow, October 14th, 2014. The band has also just debuted their new video for "Everything Is Possible," at Yahoo! Music. Listen to the track now! Here is an excerpt from the Billboard article:

Avery Barkley, Jonathan Jackson's character on ABC's Nashville, is still looking for his big breakthrough, but Jonathan Jackson + Enation, Jackson's band with brother and fellow actor Richard Lee Jackson, is making its own big move this month.

After a dozen years as an independent act, Enation releases its fourth album, Radio Cinematic, on Oct. 14 as its first for Loud & Proud Records. But Jackson tells Billboard he's happy the band took this route to the national spotlight. "I'm grateful we went about it that way because you learn about yourself," explains Jackson, a five-time Emmy Award winner and the first from the Nashville cast to sign an outside record deal.